About us

Windell Investments, Inc. is a small, privately owned company founded in 1989. Windell Investments, Inc. is unique in that the properties managed are also owned by Windell Investments. As property owners, Windell Investments, Inc. is particularly aware of the need for hands-on management, preventive maintenance, and quick response times to any issues that may arise.

In order to provide these services, Windell Investments employs an in-house maintenance team and day-porters to ensure an on-site daily presence at each property. Property Managers also travel frequently to properties for regular maintenance checks; property walks; and to manage vendors, contractors and improvement projects directly. Property Managers oversee and approve all work orders, maintenance, and improvement projects at each property, association, and facility managed.

Windell Investments, Inc also conducts regular preventive maintenance for HVAC, landscaping, plumbing, and pest-control (to name a few) to ensure the properties are always well maintained and running smoothly. This hands-on management style allows Windell Investments, Inc. to best control the services they provide resulting in a high level of customer service for their tenants.

The properties managed by Windell Investments, Inc. range from Office, Flex, and R&D spaces across Southern California

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